Overview of GRIPS

GRIPS™ is an integrated Data Management System that allows you to link your packaging specifications to existing Accounts or MRP Systems, enabling you to calculate packaging obligations and produce Compliance Reports in minutes.

Data Services

GRIPS™ is also available as a turn-key Data Collection Service for firms obligated under European or International Packaging Waste legislation. This service is available in the UK, Germany and most parts of Europe, as well as Canada and Australia. See Service Options for more information.

More accurate reporting

  • Improved data accuracy and verification.
  • Cross product reporting.
  • Strong audit trail with drill-down capability.

Reduced Costs

  • Helps identify high-cost compliance items.
  • Less time preparing submissions.
  • Reduced training time.

Ease of Use

  • Pre-configured with your business rules - reduced complexity.
  • User-friendly interface - simplifies submissions process.